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V & C Contractors Ltd. was registered in April 1992, and to date the Company has established itself as one of the leading Contracting Companies on the island. It is owned and run in equal proportions by two hard working and energetic brothers Vincent and Charles Borg who work relentlessly to ensure that the Company carries out its duties successfully.


In the early days of existence the Company’s main source of work was generated by the way of subcontracting from larger and established companies. Nowadays the Company is capable of tendering for and securing sufficient work to keep it at the forefront of the industry.


Since inception the Company has registered and maintained a healthy and steady growth. It has regularly sought to invest in human resources, its greatest asset. It has also endeavored in upgrading its fleet of equipment in order to keep with the latest technological advancements.


Today the Company boasts a competitive management team, which manages a hard working work force and an extensive and varied fleet of machinery.


Besides being a construction company, V&C Contractors Ltd. has broadened its views and starting seeking upon investing in other assets, which are of benefit towards the company itself. After investing in Real Estate under V&C Developments Ltd a sub-company , V&C Contractors decided to invest in the tourism sector.


The Directors of V&C Contractors are two very hard workingmen, with a number of employees who seek nothing but the best for the company. V&C Contractors Ltd. is always seeking to invest in new businesses and new ventures and our employees are full of life and are eager to work. V&C Contractors Ltd. is your trustworthy construction partner.

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Quote of the week

Works have been executed and completed to the client satisfaction... Smart City Malta can recommend V&C Contractors Ltd for any future project of similar type of works .

Leif Karlsson - Senior Project Manager at SmartCity Malta